6 Gedanken zu „DJK Hörste“

    1. Dear Budo friend. Thank You for this comment. We are working for more information concerning Karate theory and practice. Look at our books. with kind regards Helmut

    1. Dear Budo friend. Thank You for the encouraging comment. Yes I will do it soon. Sorry, during this difficult time with corona pandemia we cannot proceed with public training and so we can also not produce new videos. But I use the time to write new books. Two of them about Kanku Dai and Konku Sho Bunkai are completed and available in German language. They will come during the next days also in English language. At the moment I am working for a Naihanchi Bunkai Book. I think it will be published during the next two month. If You are interested I have also published three books for nearly complete Goju Ryu Bunkai system. Thanks again for Your interest in our work.

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